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Is This The Serengeti?
Is This The Serengeti?

Not often you get to see giraffes when you’re out for a seaside stroll. This is one of a pair staring out to sea across the mud flats. Obviously someone has too much time on their hands or is in the first stages of an art career or simply  is trying to get rid of the last can of living room paint. Hard to pass by without grabbing a photo.

Stars of the Sea


Poor starfish. As if they don’t have enough problems escaping predators: sea otters, crabs, gulls, fish and other cannibalistic starfish species; now they are subject to ‘Sea Star Wasting Syndrome’ killing them off up and down the Pacific coast. Noticed their almost total disappearance from one of the marine parks in the Lower Mainland a couple of months ago. Over at Tofino on Vancouver Island, however, they appear bright and healthy.

Attack of the Killer Bees

Eco-sculpture: Bees

One of the many eco-sculptures commissioned by the City of Burnaby, I ran into the giant bees at Barnet Marine Park a few years ago. Quite impressive form of large scale topiary with a wire frame as a support.  Some of them are redone from scratch every year and others can be held in a greenhouse over the winter.  Since my first encounter I’ve run into eagles, bears, cranes, a racing car and a host of animals at different parks while the location of each seems to change from year to year. So if you’re visiting bring along antihistamine just in case.

All My Ducks In A Row

Ducks in a pond
Well behaved Anas platyrhynchos


There you have it.

All my ducks in a row.

A truly long, arduous task.

First of all, the ducks were skittish or very aloof,  gliding away on the pond with nary a look back in my direction.

Despite numerous attempts at verbal communication, they never learned my jibber jabber and my quacks were mostly unintelligible.

Then the eureka moment when I began to entice them with the finest snails and slugs available in the wildlife preserve.

Even with these choice bribes , a line would almost form when suddenly the Daffy genes took over and bedlam ensued  – a  cacophony of flapping and quacking.

Perseverance paid off with a perfect drake, hen, drake, hen alignment as they paddled off to the far side of the pond allowing me to complete the job and get this photo.

Somewhere Out There Is Supper

Great Blue Heron
Great Blue Heron

Walking along the beach front, we chanced upon this heron forlornly gazing into the distance, seemingly unconcerned with the surrounding chatter. On one side a waddling of American wigeons, heads bobbing furiously, picked through the grass ; on the other a gaggle of Canada geese rested or eyeballed two legged interlopers, while all around the seagulls squawked and remained totally belligerent. With the tide still lapping against the rocks, possibilities of an easy meal appeared remote and the heron may have been contemplating a more rewarding dining area.