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Beach Eye View

Crescent Beach
Lost Log

One of many weathered logs scattered on shore at Crescent Beach. Judging by the bored hole, it could have been part of an timber raft or a dock before a storm sent it here. Concentrates one’s view of the rocky beach.


Sea Blanket

Algae Invasion
Algae Invasion

Even along a seemingly uniform shoreline, once the tide recedes there are many differing views revealed. Here a verdant green carpet of algae covers the underlying rocks, yet only metres away the stones are bare. I assume there must be minute differences in depth of water or the speed of water movement. Of course I have no way of knowing whether the algae is advancing or receding. Only time will tell.

Receiving Line

Receiving Line

Rather than clicking through files and folders searching for a photo to use in this week’s Daily Post Rule of Thirds challenge, I thought going out and snapping a brand new one might be a better idea.  As I walked around Blackie Spit Park nothing seemed to fit. Then I noticed a group of seven blue herons and got caught up in taking shots of them. Once I got moving again, heading back to the car and going elsewhere was the immediate plan. That’s when I noticed all the commotion over at the fence and paused for a look. Mostly it was a lot of squawking, cawing, beating of wings and flying up and down. But for one brief moment calmness reigned and they posed quietly.


On My Way

There’s often an eagle or two in this tree, either resting or trying to spot potential food near the shoreline. Unfortunately, they only seem to do so on drab, colorless days without a bright blue sky or fluffy clouds as a backdrop. Since they are also perched 50′ to 60′ up, it pushes my camera to the limit and it’s a struggle to hold steady enough, since I’ve never been one to lug a tripod about. I caught this one with raised wings just about to take off.

Crab Legs for One

Dinner Time
Dinner Time

Spotted this gull skimming into shore from about forty feet out in the bay moments before he landed at water’s edge with supper dangling from his beak. Gulls are usually pretty human tolerant but he kept a wary gaze in my direction as I raised the camera. And from his other side a dozen of his avian compatriots were winging or swimming in to  try for a share of the prize. He vigorously flayed the crab on the rocks to break open the shell and basically gulped the contents in two quick snorts before taking flight. Didn’t even stop for a quick drink of water or pause to wipe off his beak.