Beach Eye View

Crescent Beach
Lost Log

One of many weathered logs scattered on shore at Crescent Beach. Judging by the bored hole, it could have been part of an timber raft or a dock before a storm sent it here. Concentrates one’s view of the rocky beach.


Remembering San Sebastián

Sipping Time
Sipping Time

On the road to San Sebastián sits a replica of an old tequila brewing setup in a touristy building. Of course, during the owner’s explanation of the process from years ago, you have the opportunity to taste the products. Being a bit of a tequila freak, I opted for a bottle to bring home. Then a taste of the Licor de Cafe and I was instantly sold again. Now you would surmise this bottle would only occupy a temporary space on the shelf, but to my pleasant surprise it lasted close to 3 years.  Olé