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Coffee Break
Coffee Break

Pushing this one to the limit. Taken from a colorful neon sign at a local coffee shop. Guess you could say I take my coffee black.



Place a Piece
Place a Piece

Glad I had my camera along Tuesday to grab this photo knowing Thursday was fast approaching. A pleasant set up in the local library, a table and some chairs to allow patrons to add a piece to the puzzle at their leisure. Wonder if the puzzle is harder to do in black and white?

Bear With Me

Sow and cub
Mother and Cub

Spent some time looking around for this week’s challenge. Not too difficult as we are surrounded by things plastic. So I tried for something slightly less obvious – a painting we have hanging on one of our walls. As it was done in acrylics, basically a mixture of pigments and polymers, the artist essentially paints with liquid plastic. Thanks for the kind permission of my wife – the artist – for the use of her work. Below I’ve included the colour version.

Sow & cub c
Sow Grizzly and Cub 30″ x 48″

Enjoy The Show

Concert Seating
Concert Seating

This curved seating sits in front of a metal and wood sculpture where small groups can play during the weekly farmer’s market or an occasional summer evening. It was one of the nifty trade offs where the public gets a small portion of park area from a developer who then turns the 50 thousand dollar gift into multi millions because they are allowed extra floors in the condo towers. While the area has been a relaxing place to sit and enjoy the sun, that will come to a quick end as two more towers are under construction on the south side. Once completed the little park will be at the bottom of a dark canyon.

Go With The Flow

Stawamus Chief
Maintenance Free Bonsai

Possibly my favourite tree. Located on the highest summit of Stawamus Chief in Squamish, it always reminds me of a semi cascade style bonsai. At some time its top was likely lost to a storm but the rest remains well attached to the rocky surface. Nature seems to have done a fine job in perfecting its appearance without resorting to unnecessary wires or manipulation. However, at close to 9 feet in width and 3 feet in height, it would be a problem sitting the specimen on the dining room buffet.

Put A Stop To It!

Paddles at the Ready
Paddles at the ready

Our main street in White Rock is currently impassable due to the city’s beautification campaign, or so they say. Not that these workmen are going to end the project, they’re just out to divert more traffic on to already crowded side streets. What Fun!

Summit Shot

Mount Beautiful
View from Mount Beautiful

Yesterday instead of just sitting around, I thought why not do yet one more climb up Eagle Ridge to Mount Beautiful. Twenty kilometres and about 1500 meters of vertical gain to challenge my legs plus open up the lungs. Considering it’s only about 20 kilometres from downtown Vancouver BC, you are deep in the wilderness surrounded by mountains with little to remind of the crowds and congestion not far away. Turns out altering this photo to black and white really helped to disguise the forest fire smoke which has moved back into the area.

Magical Glass

Magical Glass

Took this photo of a stained glass window down the block at a local church. Since I didn’t like the surrounding vinyl siding, I used Paint.net to remove it and saved the image as a PNG to keep a transparent background, thinking it might come in handy one day. This was the day. Reloaded it into Paint to get the black and white image. Surprise! For some odd reason the program surrounded the glass with what looks like fancy wrought iron. Instead of attempting a fix, I decided it looked better as is.

High Road or Low Road

Burke Summit
Level or Up?

Another directional choice hiking up to Burke Summit on Thursday. Wrong picks in many cases can get you far off track. In this case, the paths diverge but reconnect about a kilometre further up the hill. Yesterday, I picked the left way at bottom corner, maybe next time I’ll go right.

Which Way