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Foot Traffic

One Foot from Head to Toe
One Foot From Head to Toe

Although the storefront indicates a Chiropody clinic lies within, I believe the sign would be more indicative of a reflexology practice. So many connections.



Scallops and I

A dearth of fountains exist in White Rock and South Surrey, possibly due to metered water and summer restrictions. However, this sombre fellow exists at the corner of a condominium. To me he either appears to have accepted his fate or wishes to move on.

Old Fashion Reel

Out of Hose
Out of Hose

For a couple of years I’ve been running by here – one of the Surrey BC firehalls –  twice a week early in the morning. Not once did the piece of equipment sitting out front seem to catch my eye or make me wonder its usage. So when I dropped by a couple of days ago to find something interesting to shoot, it popped right out into view. Not much trouble figuring out what it was used for in olden times.

Stamp Me Out

Concrete Eagle
Concrete Eagle

Since I didn’t run into any black and white birds in the last few days, I had to rethink what to post. At some point when White Rock built new sidewalks along Marine Drive connecting east and west beaches, someone from the city decided to stamp an eagle or fish in the newly poured cement every twenty feet or so. They really don’t show up that well and are easy to miss. I wonder why anybody would walk along here staring at their feet when Semiahmoo Bay is meters away. Besides which there are probably three nesting pairs of bald eagles  along the western shoreline and can usually be seen everyday soaring or fishing. Look up and enjoy the aerial display!

Straight Down

Shifty Stairs
Shifty Stairs

On the exterior of buildings you often run into oddly built staircases but wider treads tend to make it easier to manage. This set inside the White Rock library are at a definite angle for no other reason than the architectural design. When you’re used to walking up or down stairs at a 90 degree angle, it can be a bit off-putting to climb them closer to sideways.


Staring Contest

Spences Bridge
Rocky Mountain Bighorn

A pair of bighorns wandering on the side of the road near Spence’s Bridge, perhaps deciding which way to go next. I’m getting eyeballed by the female as I take the photo while the ram could care less. Maybe he was expecting some birds to show up for the photo session.

Final Time

Hop, Skip and a Jump

Sad to see the WPC come to an end. Reusing the photo I used for “Leapfrogging into the Distance’ which was my post in response to ‘Depth’. I’ve always considered it quite magical to hike up mountains surrounded by clouds, until you break out to the gorgeous views with only whiteness below. Looking forward to today’s posts.