Break Time

Nearly all squirrels are irreverent. They have the advantage of quickness to scramble up trees or the sides of buildings if you dare to object to their chattering. By the time this fellow had hoarded all the nut in his mouth, he was quite cheeky. And alas, yet another acorn which will never grow into a mighty oak.


4 thoughts on “Nuts-R-Us

  1. And what a racket they make when upset. My husband took down one of the bird feeders and we were awoken the next morning to a horrible noise – it was a squirrel bemoaning his loss of food source.


    1. Even when they’re not upset. In an apartment we lived in way back, they got into the attic space. Not sure they ever slept because they seemed to be busy 27/7 either scratching or shredding stuff.

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