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Again and Again

Where are the Fish
Where Are The Fish?
Right Here
Right Here!

A slight variation in the time of year. Almost the same spot on Horse Lake. I guess when you’re diehard fishermen, you’ll wait out the fish no matter how long it takes or the season.


Just Another Sunset

Horse Lake
Horse Lake

After deciding to post this photo taken at Horse Lake in the Cariboo a couple of years ago, I began to wonder how many photographs might be in existence.  According to BuzzFeed, somewhere in the neighbourhood of 3.8 trillion and counting, so if I guessed about a billion sunsets stored in the cloud, I might be close. Pretty sure baby pics must top the list by a wide margin with sunrises and sunsets coming in the top ten. We must  love the saturation of colour to keep snapping away at the same scenes night after night; but we just can’t stop looking for a super magical shot that will take everyone’s breath away.