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“I live on Earth at present, and I don’t know what I am. I know that I am not a category. I am not a thing — a noun. I seem to be a verb, an evolutionary process – an integral function of the universe.” ― R. Buckminster Fuller Call this page a work in progress No fancy cameras since my two ancient film Spotmatics were finally laid to rest, just a Panasonic DMC - FZ3 (already 10 years old) and a Nexus 7. Since I could never bring myself to help Adobe out and buy Photoshop, I occasionally use to tidy things up a tad.

Go With The Flow

Stawamus Chief
Maintenance Free Bonsai

Possibly my favourite tree. Located on the highest summit of Stawamus Chief in Squamish, it always reminds me of a semi cascade style bonsai. At some time its top was likely lost to a storm but the rest remains well attached to the rocky surface. Nature seems to have done a fine job in perfecting its appearance without resorting to unnecessary wires or manipulation. However, at close to 9 feet in width and 3 feet in height, it would be a problem sitting the specimen on the dining room buffet.


Put A Stop To It!

Paddles at the Ready
Paddles at the ready

Our main street in White Rock is currently impassable due to the city’s beautification campaign, or so they say. Not that these workmen are going to end the project, they’re just out to divert more traffic on to already crowded side streets. What Fun!

Summit Shot

Mount Beautiful
View from Mount Beautiful

Yesterday instead of just sitting around, I thought why not do yet one more climb up Eagle Ridge to Mount Beautiful. Twenty kilometres and about 1500 meters of vertical gain to challenge my legs plus open up the lungs. Considering it’s only about 20 kilometres from downtown Vancouver BC, you are deep in the wilderness surrounded by mountains with little to remind of the crowds and congestion not far away. Turns out altering this photo to black and white really helped to disguise the forest fire smoke which has moved back into the area.

Magical Glass

Magical Glass

Took this photo of a stained glass window down the block at a local church. Since I didn’t like the surrounding vinyl siding, I used to remove it and saved the image as a PNG to keep a transparent background, thinking it might come in handy one day. This was the day. Reloaded it into Paint to get the black and white image. Surprise! For some odd reason the program surrounded the glass with what looks like fancy wrought iron. Instead of attempting a fix, I decided it looked better as is.

High Road or Low Road

Burke Summit
Level or Up?

Another directional choice hiking up to Burke Summit on Thursday. Wrong picks in many cases can get you far off track. In this case, the paths diverge but reconnect about a kilometre further up the hill. Yesterday, I picked the left way at bottom corner, maybe next time I’ll go right.

Which Way

A Hazy View of Things

Smoggy Bluffs
Smoggy Bluffs

Despite the smog I went up to Black Mountain on a quick hike Monday. Lucky the acrid smoke was being pushed down to the Vancouver. There exists a longer story of my journey on my other blog. Plus if you’re ever in the neighbourhood and need the GPS coordinates and more pics, you can find them under Black Mountain / Eagle Bluff or at (@)barrydjd on Ramblr


Where Am I?

What a way to wake up. Outside a contingent of seagulls and a murder of crows were either serenading each other or waxing poetic over territorial claims. Normally, only one group chatters so noisily at five in the morning and I can successfully ignore the racket. Not today. Reached for my tablet to discover the clock had ticked barely past five but I realized full awakening had occurred.
First things first. Got the coffee pot set up and pushed the go button. Once the last dribbles were through, I filled my travel mug, grabbed my backpack and cameras to head for the beach. All I had to do was get down there before the sun rose above Mount Baker.


As you can see, I arrived in time to capture the moment for posterity as I ambled out along the pier. Not very crowded when the clock had yet to strike six. However, there were other early risers about walking, loitering and even an artist working on a project at low tide. Seemed pretty fancy for a work of art which would be washed over in the next hour and a half. After I admired her work in progress, I noted the brief life expectancy and she replied it was part of the pleasure for her.


Another with the artist.

Sandfish Artist



















After my trip on the pier, I took off down the promenade until it ends almost a kilometer away. Sat on one of my favorite drift logs and gazed out over the ocean enjoying the quiet. Then sauntered my way back with thoughts of breakfast on my mind.



Oh! the ‘Where Am I’ bit. Read the sign in the last photo, all the explanation is there. Well almost. The City of White Rock – all 20,000 of us – is approximately 40 kilometres south of Vancouver and barely a kilometre from the USA border. As an interesting side note, due to the long weekend in British Columbia, the wait to cross the border going south was close to three hours. What fun!