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Holiday Evening

One of the photos I took on a self-challenge to come up with as many local, neon signs as possible during a month. Despite the name and description, it is a Greek restaurant!


Storm Warning

Take Heed!

Stencilled storm drain warnings are ubiquitous in many communities. Usually accomplished with a quick spray of red paint, these ones in South Surrey are permanent metal disks glued to the curb. Despite this a few are missing, likely chiseled off during the night by enterprising collectors.
Entry for CB&W photo challenge.

Living Wall

Green Me Up
Green Me Up

It’s surprising how this planted wall on the library just blends in with the surroundings and doesn’t seem at all out of place. When the structure was first built, it was just another plain, boring concrete exterior so I’m not sure of the steps needed to transform it into a kind of outdoor planter five years ago. Plus rather than a simple covering, a more complicated design was chosen adding a lot more interest.

Semiahmoo Library
Semiahmoo Library