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Serenity Now

Serenity now
Serenity Now

All is serene until the the passing of the next small fish. Many thanks to Frank Costanza for use of the line “Serenity Now”.


Something Moved

Mud Bay
Eyes On The Prize

Relax – easy for you to say when your meal arrives on a plate, whereas I have to keep an eagle eye on my supper running out there through the grass.

Do We Have Enough For A Quorum?

Where's Eddie?
Where’s Eddie?

Everywhere I go there seem to be more and more seagulls despite reports of precipitous seabird population declines. Around White Rock these days, there are colonies of clamorous gulls up before the dawn and they are stilling vociferously screeching even after dark. Pretty sure this bunch at Tofino were members of the complaint committee.


Raven's Gate
Raven’s Gate

Pass this wrought iron fence gate on the way down to the beach and usually don’t take much notice. Today, since I wanted a brand new pic for the ‘Take a New Photo’ I thought this one would look fine in B&W. Originally thought it depicted a threesome of crows but on closer examination they turned out to be ravens.

Receiving Line

Receiving Line

Rather than clicking through files and folders searching for a photo to use in this week’s Daily Post Rule of Thirds challenge, I thought going out and snapping a brand new one might be a better idea.  As I walked around Blackie Spit Park nothing seemed to fit. Then I noticed a group of seven blue herons and got caught up in taking shots of them. Once I got moving again, heading back to the car and going elsewhere was the immediate plan. That’s when I noticed all the commotion over at the fence and paused for a look. Mostly it was a lot of squawking, cawing, beating of wings and flying up and down. But for one brief moment calmness reigned and they posed quietly.

Feathered Friends

Bird mural
 Birds and Birds

This building was a backdrop for a photo which I entered in one of Cee’s  Photography photo challenges. It was for a construction theme in black and white so a backhoe, stanchions and people partly obscured the view plus of course it was colour challenged. Since there was a request for the colourized version, I went back and waited for the traffic to clear and pedestrians to get out of the way to click off a couple of pics. Didn’t realize until I uploaded the photo that it was another mural by Elizabeth Hollick.   For a previous post I photographed her work on a sidewall of the White Rock playhouse.


On My Way

There’s often an eagle or two in this tree, either resting or trying to spot potential food near the shoreline. Unfortunately, they only seem to do so on drab, colorless days without a bright blue sky or fluffy clouds as a backdrop. Since they are also perched 50′ to 60′ up, it pushes my camera to the limit and it’s a struggle to hold steady enough, since I’ve never been one to lug a tripod about. I caught this one with raised wings just about to take off.

All My Ducks In A Row

Ducks in a pond
Well behaved Anas platyrhynchos


There you have it.

All my ducks in a row.

A truly long, arduous task.

First of all, the ducks were skittish or very aloof,  gliding away on the pond with nary a look back in my direction.

Despite numerous attempts at verbal communication, they never learned my jibber jabber and my quacks were mostly unintelligible.

Then the eureka moment when I began to entice them with the finest snails and slugs available in the wildlife preserve.

Even with these choice bribes , a line would almost form when suddenly the Daffy genes took over and bedlam ensued  – a  cacophony of flapping and quacking.

Perseverance paid off with a perfect drake, hen, drake, hen alignment as they paddled off to the far side of the pond allowing me to complete the job and get this photo.