Perhaps a Summit

Mount MacDonald

A few years ago, once at the col we had the choice to either head south or go north up to Mount Webb, since time would not allow us to bag both peaks. So while not exactly a new horizon, a climb to the summit of Mount MacDonald may definitely find a spot on next year’s todo list.



While typical pottery firings are a rather long, slow process taking a few hours to bring the temperature up and a drawn out cooling process, Raku tends to quickness. Using an insulated 45 gallon steel drum as a kiln with a propane fired tiger torch as the heat provider, it only takes about twenty minutes to raise the temperature up to 1800┬░ F. Then the fun begins as you gingerly lift out the red hot pot with iron tongs, place it on a bed of shredded newspaper and fine wood shavings, which instantly burst into flames, and then cover the still flaming piece with a metal pail to use up the oxygen and reduce the glaze. With luck and magic the dull dried glaze will transform into a glassy multicoloured finish in minutes.