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Reaching For the Top


I would rather be on my way to the summit.


Ring Creek

Wandering Path

To me, a good match means a trail pulling me further into the mountains. Aside from the fun of picking one’s way across the creek to the other side, this trail to Opal Cone always seems reminiscent of the journey to Mordor – especially in deep fog.

Bad Hair Day

Horse Lake

While repurposing fallen trees for fencing makes practical sense, it takes a comical person to leave the root system intact.


Iguana Ranch

Snack Time

What do you get when the kitchen staff toss out the leftover fruit every afternoon? A chaotic mob jousting for the best bites.



Geese photo
Gaggle of Geese

Here we have a gaggle of geese! Unless they are in flight, then they are a skein. At the other end a flock of ducks are keeping their distance and guarding the open area of water. The near end of the pond appeared to be frozen with a couple of inches of melt water on top, so it may have been shallow enough to freeze in the colder weather the last few days. Why there should be a special word to describe a bunch of geese hanging out together probably remains a mystery. Likely the result of a bored English professor following his ‘publish or perish’ calendar in hopes of gaining tenure and a ten hour workweek. Start with aardvarks all the way to zebras, conjure up a nifty word to describe animals gathering together – is there a minimum number? – and presto, another publishable book to gather dust on the shelf presuming a copy is sold. It’s difficult to understand the rationale behind most of these:

  • a sleuth of bears
  • a crash of hippos
  • a zeal of zebras

but some do make some sense. A troop of baboons or a parade of elephants especially when either are on the move seem aptly descriptive.

Oh, by the way, a group of aardvarks can be referred to as an aarmory – tricky adding on that extra a 🙂