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Go With The Flow

Stawamus Chief
Maintenance Free Bonsai

Possibly my favourite tree. Located on the highest summit of Stawamus Chief in Squamish, it always reminds me of a semi cascade style bonsai. At some time its top was likely lost to a storm but the rest remains well attached to the rocky surface. Nature seems to have done a fine job in perfecting its appearance without resorting to unnecessary wires or manipulation. However, at close to 9 feet in width and 3 feet in height, it would be a problem sitting the specimen on the dining room buffet.


A Hazy View of Things

Smoggy Bluffs
Smoggy Bluffs

Despite the smog I went up to Black Mountain on a quick hike Monday. Lucky the acrid smoke was being pushed down to the Vancouver. There exists a longer story of my journey on my other blog. Plus if you’re ever in the neighbourhood and need the GPS coordinates and more pics, you can find them under Black Mountain / Eagle Bluff or at (@)barrydjd on Ramblr



Geese photo
Gaggle of Geese

Here we have a gaggle of geese! Unless they are in flight, then they are a skein. At the other end a flock of ducks are keeping their distance and guarding the open area of water. The near end of the pond appeared to be frozen with a couple of inches of melt water on top, so it may have been shallow enough to freeze in the colder weather the last few days. Why there should be a special word to describe a bunch of geese hanging out together probably remains a mystery. Likely the result of a bored English professor following his ‘publish or perish’ calendar in hopes of gaining tenure and a ten hour workweek. Start with aardvarks all the way to zebras, conjure up a nifty word to describe animals gathering together – is there a minimum number? – and presto, another publishable book to gather dust on the shelf presuming a copy is sold. It’s difficult to understand the rationale behind most of these:

  • a sleuth of bears
  • a crash of hippos
  • a zeal of zebras

but some do make some sense. A troop of baboons or a parade of elephants especially when either are on the move seem aptly descriptive.

Oh, by the way, a group of aardvarks can be referred to as an aarmory – tricky adding on that extra a 🙂