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High Road or Low Road

Burke Summit
Level or Up?

Another directional choice hiking up to Burke Summit on Thursday. Wrong picks in many cases can get you far off track. In this case, the paths diverge but reconnect about a kilometre further up the hill. Yesterday, I picked the left way at bottom corner, maybe next time I’ll go right.

Which Way


Final Time

Hop, Skip and a Jump

Sad to see the WPC come to an end. Reusing the photo I used for “Leapfrogging into the Distance’ which was my post in response to ‘Depth’. I’ve always considered it quite magical to hike up mountains surrounded by clouds, until you break out to the gorgeous views with only whiteness below. Looking forward to today’s posts.

The Chief

Stawamus Chief
Stawamus Chief

One of my favorite hikes which we try to get in once a year. Since we’re not rock climbers, going up the face is not an option but there is a steep hike up the backside which gets you to the top. This photo was taken from the north summit looking down to the somewhat lower south summit. If you ever find yourself passing through Squamish why not stop by and give it a try.