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Long Time Waiting
Long Time Waiting

You can never be lonely at West Beach in White Rock because you can always stop for a conversation with the heritage sculpture at the converted train station museum. Or just take a selfie with the laid back traveller.


Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Any Tracks and Trains

Wanton Whistler

Yet another horn blasting, whistle wailing BNSF train rumbling its passage along the beachfront. A bane in the life of thousands of White Rockians who constantly whine about the noise as freights and Amtrak trundle along at all hours of the day. Should have checked out the neighbourhood before moving. 🙂

Do We Have Enough For A Quorum?

Where's Eddie?
Where’s Eddie?

Everywhere I go there seem to be more and more seagulls despite reports of precipitous seabird population declines. Around White Rock these days, there are colonies of clamorous gulls up before the dawn and they are stilling vociferously screeching even after dark. Pretty sure this bunch at Tofino were members of the complaint committee.


Architectural Landscaping
Architectural Landscaping

These screens decorate a local mall in order to beautify an otherwise plain drab boring wall. Even without a lot of plant growth, they do the job; although being completely covered in a vine like clematis, the effect would have been spectacular in flowering season.

Judging from the stunted growth of all the plantings, I would guess they are trying to survive in six inches of soil strewn over a densely packed backfill of pit run. It would be interesting to compare a present day photo with the artist’s rendering for the plans presented to city hall for building approval.

Converting the photo to black & white helped by removing the rather insipid pink colour of the stucco finish!