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Wandering West Beach

West Beach White Rock
Looking Eastward

Down for walks along West Beach in White Rock especially in the winter when there are no crowds. A place to enjoy the outdoors in peace. Mount Baker looming in the background.


Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Any Tracks and Trains

Wanton Whistler

Yet another horn blasting, whistle wailing BNSF train rumbling its passage along the beachfront. A bane in the life of thousands of White Rockians who constantly whine about the noise as freights and Amtrak trundle along at all hours of the day. Should have checked out the neighbourhood before moving. 🙂

Do We Have Enough For A Quorum?

Where's Eddie?
Where’s Eddie?

Everywhere I go there seem to be more and more seagulls despite reports of precipitous seabird population declines. Around White Rock these days, there are colonies of clamorous gulls up before the dawn and they are stilling vociferously screeching even after dark. Pretty sure this bunch at Tofino were members of the complaint committee.