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Cross The Creek

Rainbow lake Trail
Swaying Bridge

An interesting bridge crossing the creek on the way up to Rainbow Lake near Whistler BC. While the platforms and stairs leading onto the bridge have been pushed around by yearly runoffs, the a-frame system keeps the main plank crossing intact.


Mule Train Route

Engineers' Road - clouds rolling in from west
Royal Engineers’ Road

On the way back down from Mount Outram in the Cascades, this photo was taken of the Engineer’s road as a storm slowly moved in from the west.


A Bridge Too Old
A Bridge Too Old

We’ve been crossing this bridge over an unnamed creek for many years on the way to the lookout at Polytrichum. It’s in pretty rough shape and even has a load limit, but should a disaster occur there is only a three foot fall to the creekbed and a bare trickle of water in heavy rainstorms. One way to go from this side while on the other a choice of two.