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Shake It Up A Bit


Yet again, a photo of Horse Lake at sunset. Only this time I wanted to soften the image and instead of trying to blur the focus, I took advantage of camera shake. Just make sure the shutter speed is really slow and take an experimental approach.



Sea Scene
White Rock Islands

Well, a mini version anyway.  Water at just the right height to give the illusion of a group of islands awaiting the last rays of the sun.  For the seagulls, the rocks do provide an island viewpoint into the surrounding waters for clams and other possible dinner goodies.  The undersides usually provide shelter for dozens of baby crabs as the tide recedes and they become vulnerable to the birds.  And then you stroll along the water’s edge until  some other interesting aspect catches your eye.

Just Another Sunset

Horse Lake
Horse Lake

After deciding to post this photo taken at Horse Lake in the Cariboo a couple of years ago, I began to wonder how many photographs might be in existence.  According to BuzzFeed, somewhere in the neighbourhood of 3.8 trillion and counting, so if I guessed about a billion sunsets stored in the cloud, I might be close. Pretty sure baby pics must top the list by a wide margin with sunrises and sunsets coming in the top ten. We must  love the saturation of colour to keep snapping away at the same scenes night after night; but we just can’t stop looking for a super magical shot that will take everyone’s breath away.