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Low Tide

White Rock Pier
White Rock Pier

It wouldn’t be a tour guide without a photo of the pier at White Rock.


Beach Eye View

Crescent Beach
Lost Log

One of many weathered logs scattered on shore at Crescent Beach. Judging by the bored hole, it could have been part of an timber raft or a dock before a storm sent it here. Concentrates one’s view of the rocky beach.

Missing Bow

Left Behind
Left Behind

When I took this photo I was interested in Burrard Inlet with Crown Mountain looming in the distance and gave little interest to the ships moored in the outer harbour.  Only later did I realize I had lost half of this freighter as it sailed away west to the Pacific and ports unknown.


Is This The Serengeti?
Is This The Serengeti?

Not often you get to see giraffes when you’re out for a seaside stroll. This is one of a pair staring out to sea across the mud flats. Obviously someone has too much time on their hands or is in the first stages of an art career or simply  is trying to get rid of the last can of living room paint. Hard to pass by without grabbing a photo.

Do We Have Enough For A Quorum?

Where's Eddie?
Where’s Eddie?

Everywhere I go there seem to be more and more seagulls despite reports of precipitous seabird population declines. Around White Rock these days, there are colonies of clamorous gulls up before the dawn and they are stilling vociferously screeching even after dark. Pretty sure this bunch at Tofino were members of the complaint committee.