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Where Am I?

What a way to wake up. Outside a contingent of seagulls and a murder of crows were either serenading each other or waxing poetic over territorial claims. Normally, only one group chatters so noisily at five in the morning and I can successfully ignore the racket. Not today. Reached for my tablet to discover the clock had ticked barely past five but I realized full awakening had occurred.
First things first. Got the coffee pot set up and pushed the go button. Once the last dribbles were through, I filled my travel mug, grabbed my backpack and cameras to head for the beach. All I had to do was get down there before the sun rose above Mount Baker.


As you can see, I arrived in time to capture the moment for posterity as I ambled out along the pier. Not very crowded when the clock had yet to strike six. However, there were other early risers about walking, loitering and even an artist working on a project at low tide. Seemed pretty fancy for a work of art which would be washed over in the next hour and a half. After I admired her work in progress, I noted the brief life expectancy and she replied it was part of the pleasure for her.


Another with the artist.

Sandfish Artist



















After my trip on the pier, I took off down the promenade until it ends almost a kilometer away. Sat on one of my favorite drift logs and gazed out over the ocean enjoying the quiet. Then sauntered my way back with thoughts of breakfast on my mind.



Oh! the ‘Where Am I’ bit. Read the sign in the last photo, all the explanation is there. Well almost. The City of White Rock – all 20,000 of us – is approximately 40 kilometres south of Vancouver and barely a kilometre from the USA border. As an interesting side note, due to the long weekend in British Columbia, the wait to cross the border going south was close to three hours. What fun!


Stamp Me Out

Concrete Eagle
Concrete Eagle

Since I didn’t run into any black and white birds in the last few days, I had to rethink what to post. At some point when White Rock built new sidewalks along Marine Drive connecting east and west beaches, someone from the city decided to stamp an eagle or fish in the newly poured cement every twenty feet or so. They really don’t show up that well and are easy to miss. I wonder why anybody would walk along here staring at their feet when Semiahmoo Bay is meters away. Besides which there are probably three nesting pairs of bald eagles¬† along the western shoreline and can usually be seen everyday soaring or fishing. Look up and enjoy the aerial display!