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Stamp Me Out

Concrete Eagle
Concrete Eagle

Since I didn’t run into any black and white birds in the last few days, I had to rethink what to post. At some point when White Rock built new sidewalks along Marine Drive connecting east and west beaches, someone from the city decided to stamp an eagle or fish in the newly poured cement every twenty feet or so. They really don’t show up that well and are easy to miss. I wonder why anybody would walk along here staring at their feet when Semiahmoo Bay is meters away. Besides which there are probably three nesting pairs of bald eagles  along the western shoreline and can usually be seen everyday soaring or fishing. Look up and enjoy the aerial display!


Rolling South

BNSF Freight
Heading for the Border

Fresh out of the camera. Decided to head down to the beach before the crowds of tourists and snapped this shot of a BNSF freight heading south from Vancouver likely on its way to Seattle.  Must be Black and White Thursday.

Missing Bow

Left Behind
Left Behind

When I took this photo I was interested in Burrard Inlet with Crown Mountain looming in the distance and gave little interest to the ships moored in the outer harbour.  Only later did I realize I had lost half of this freighter as it sailed away west to the Pacific and ports unknown.