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Shake It Up A Bit


Yet again, a photo of Horse Lake at sunset. Only this time I wanted to soften the image and instead of trying to blur the focus, I took advantage of camera shake. Just make sure the shutter speed is really slow and take an experimental approach.


Mindless on Mount McNutt

Mount Evans
Simple Stone

Sometimes looking at rocks can be the same as watching clouds to try and see shapes. On the far right end I choose to see a button eye, pointy nose and a sad downward shaped mouth. By the way, most of the rocks I’ve met are pretty dense.

Not Quite Iceless

Rainbow Lake
Rainbow Lake: Elevation 1460 Meters

An end of July photo with the ice broken up, but barely off the lake which is cleverly named after the mountain hovering in the background –  Rainbow Mountain which resides directly across the highway from Whistler/Blackcomb mountains.  A beautiful 8 kilometre jaunt up 825 metres from heavily treed forest to open alpine and a perfect end view. Some of the initial trail also caters to mountain bike riders  until it gets too steep and rocky.

Rainbow Lake Trail Bridge
Rainbow lake Trail

Later there are are couple of neat bridges and several boardwalks crossing the marshlands, although with heavy runoff several muddy portions can still exist. No camping allowed since the lake also serves as part of the Whistler water supply; however, stopping to take photos does not appear to be banned!

Sunny Day at the Pier

Mount Baker
Mount Baker

Taking heed that  a change in the weather was forecasted for Wednesday with a return to overcast skies, we opted to hit the beach for a stroll along the waterfront.  After a week of chillier temperatures and stronger winds the smog has almost completely dissipated returning a brightness to the horizon. It also allows for a much clearer view of Mount Baker to the east so I took a few shots to add to the collection.