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Feathered Friends

Bird mural
 Birds and Birds

This building was a backdrop for a photo which I entered in one of Cee’s  Photography photo challenges. It was for a construction theme in black and white so a backhoe, stanchions and people partly obscured the view plus of course it was colour challenged. Since there was a request for the colourized version, I went back and waited for the traffic to clear and pedestrians to get out of the way to click off a couple of pics. Didn’t realize until I uploaded the photo that it was another mural by Elizabeth Hollick.   For a previous post I photographed her work on a sidewall of the White Rock playhouse.


The Wonderful Year We Fell in Love

Playhouse Mural
Playhouse Mural

Brand new mural on the White Rock Playhouse Theatre (commercially known as the Coast Capital Playhouse) just painted this year by Elizabeth Hollick. Rather whimsical and colourful. Hard enough to paint a 2′ x 2′ canvas, never mind a 50′ x 30′ wall, plus every time  you want to check out how your work is progressing you have to climb off the scaffold and run back 100’ to get a proper view. Combining artistry with physical exercise benefits both the mind and the body.