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Yak Peak 2
Yak Peak

Only an 1100 metre elevation gain and scramble until you’re atop Yak. From there the 360° view is all mountains, all the time; but if you squint carefully you might be able to pick out your vehicle parked at the maintenance area near the Coquihalla Summit.

Yak Peak
Look Up



Mule Train Route

Engineers' Road - clouds rolling in from west
Royal Engineers’ Road

On the way back down from Mount Outram in the Cascades, this photo was taken of the Engineer’s road as a storm slowly moved in from the west.


Silvertip Mountain
Silvertip Mountain

Part of the Canadian Cascade Mountains, Silvertip sits about 25 kilometres north of the Washington/British Columbia border. Photo taken from Claimstake Mountain just south of Silverdaisy Mountain (just had to get another silver in there), both of which would be part of E.C. Manning Provincial Park  except for the pre-existing and still semi-operating copper mine.


Vicuna Peak
Vicuna Peak

Vicuna is part of a mountain group, in the Canadian Cascades,  I enjoy due to its barren almost bleak appearance. Just masses of granitic rock with barely any vegetation except for patches of krummholz which look more like bonsai forests in the alpine – a testament to strong freezing winds. On this day the obviously sunny weather to the far east did nothing  to ameliorate the -3° Celsius temperature and the 30 kilometre winds  while scrambling to the peak of Alpaca.  The cairn sits at the summit of Alpaca about a kilometre to the west of Vicuna.