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Blue Frog Studios

Took me almost 4 months to snap a photo of this mural – not that I hang out there 24/7 – but because as a  parking area, there are almost always cars blocking the view. My initial idea was to run over at sunup, however I usually forgot and besides coffee time takes precedence.  Couple of months ago I almost snagged it. Camera was at the ready. And then a vehicle pulled in and parked dead centre. Two or three days ago as I was about to walk by, taillights suddenly switched on, the lone parked car backed out and turned into the street, so I finally got my chance.

Until I read their webpage, I thought Blue Frog was only a recording studio and didn’t realize they were also a small concert venue for a maximum audience of one hundred.  So we’ll probably be taking a look at upcoming entertainers and head out to a concert one evening.