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Standing Out in Solitude


Despite the residential area only a few hundred metres away, solitude can be found on a lonely spit and with a bright jacket, you can stand out in a crowd even when no one is around.


Receiving Line

Receiving Line

Rather than clicking through files and folders searching for a photo to use in this week’s Daily Post Rule of Thirds challenge, I thought going out and snapping a brand new one might be a better idea.  As I walked around Blackie Spit Park nothing seemed to fit. Then I noticed a group of seven blue herons and got caught up in taking shots of them. Once I got moving again, heading back to the car and going elsewhere was the immediate plan. That’s when I noticed all the commotion over at the fence and paused for a look. Mostly it was a lot of squawking, cawing, beating of wings and flying up and down. But for one brief moment calmness reigned and they posed quietly.

Blackie Spit Pump House

Pump House
Pump House

Not being much of a birdwatcher,  I don’t get too excited about avian flybys unless they are raptors on the hunt, but this is a great area to see a variety of feathered friends and occasional sea life. Over the years a lot of time, work and money have been spent to upgrade the wetlands here to encourage more wildlife. Not the least of which is the new pump house built to regulate the water flow in the small lagoon. Every once in a while I do spot Harry the Heron scrounging for a meal down here in the park.