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Wandering West Beach

West Beach White Rock
Looking Eastward

Down for walks along West Beach in White Rock especially in the winter when there are no crowds. A place to enjoy the outdoors in peace. Mount Baker looming in the background.


Parallel Lines

Oceanfront tracks
East Beach

As I reached this spot above the tracks, on our way to the beach, I noticed a woman walking along the promenade with a bright pink umbrella. Together with the green grass and the yellow bench, I’m thinking the pink should fit in nicely, especially since there are no other people in view. Because of the drizzle, my camera – securely wrapped in a ziploc bag – rests safe in my backpack. By the time fumble fingers me has gone through the process of taking off the backpack, pulled out the camera, removed it from the baggy and switched it on…well, of course, both the lady and the pink umbrella have disappeared out of the potential picture. Since everything was all set up to snap a photo, I went ahead when I noticed all the parallel lines running horizontally in the scene, plus I still like the bright yellow against the lush green grass.

Gyaana and Ka’kan

Totem Poles
Gyaana and Ka’kan

Hard to miss the East Beach totem poles from either the road or the beach. They were commissioned in 1998 and placed in 1999 to commemorate the 125th anniversary of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and were a gift from the White Rock RCMP detachment. An excellent spot to survey the ocean, watch people passing by below on the promenade or contemplate the bigger picture while relaxing on the stone benches.


Sea Scene
White Rock Islands

Well, a mini version anyway.  Water at just the right height to give the illusion of a group of islands awaiting the last rays of the sun.  For the seagulls, the rocks do provide an island viewpoint into the surrounding waters for clams and other possible dinner goodies.  The undersides usually provide shelter for dozens of baby crabs as the tide recedes and they become vulnerable to the birds.  And then you stroll along the water’s edge until  some other interesting aspect catches your eye.

One More Step


Walking down the hill I spotted this heron gazing intently for its next meal. Since it was still going to take the better part of ten minutes to get to the track crossing and return along the beach, I figured he would be long gone.  But his pace was even slower – one very careful, long legged step at a time. Gave me plenty of time to use a boulder as a tripod and snap a couple of shots despite the dull, grayish, overcast skies. Where’s the fish? Only the shadow knows.

Take Down the Lights

Crow Debate

Must be the usual post Christmas discussion about when to remove the decorations. There used to be a lot of debate about this since Little Christmas – or Feast of the Epiphany – falls on January 6th and no one really wants to cut short the holiday season. However, these northwestern crows are just having their usual midday confab about who knows what. Since they all roost together in one spot every night when it is not mating season, their gathering in the middle of the day must have some rationale other than intense vocalizations and flapping of wings. As suddenly as they group together, within fifteen minutes or so they disperse back to their own little territory to scrounge for food. About the lights, well… pretend they’re not there until next December and quit bugging the birds.