Long Time Waiting
Long Time Waiting

You can never be lonely at West Beach in White Rock because you can always stop for a conversation with the heritage sculpture at the converted train station museum. Or just take a selfie with the laid back traveller.

11 thoughts on “Passenger

    1. Unfortunately, the train no longer stops in White Rock. Plus the majority of people would like to see the tracks torn up and rerouted elsewhere. It’s a continual source of discussion in the community. I like train watching on occasion. 🙂


      1. Here in the States, there’s a group called Rails to Trails that takes unused railroad tracks/routes and converts them to trails for biking/hiking. I think that’s a great use of them, but it is, of course, expensive. My husband has biked on some of these and they often go through beautiful places.

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  1. In the interior of British Columbia that’s what they did with the old, unused Kettle Valley Railway. While it might be nice to have an oceanfront trail along Semiahmoo Bay, the BNSF railway has pretty heavy freight traffic plus twice a day Amtrak from Seattle to Vancouver. Now if somebody came up with enough money…


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