Parallel Lines

Oceanfront tracks
East Beach

As I reached this spot above the tracks, on our way to the beach, I noticed a woman walking along the promenade with a bright pink umbrella. Together with the green grass and the yellow bench, I’m thinking the pink should fit in nicely, especially since there are no other people in view. Because of the drizzle, my camera – securely wrapped in a ziploc bag – rests safe in my backpack. By the time fumble fingers me has gone through the process of taking off the backpack, pulled out the camera, removed it from the baggy and switched it on…well, of course, both the lady and the pink umbrella have disappeared out of the potential picture. Since everything was all set up to snap a photo, I went ahead when I noticed all the parallel lines running horizontally in the scene, plus I still like the bright yellow against the lush green grass.


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