Grilled on the Steppes

Neon mural
The Mongolie Grill

Since we had to go into town yesterday (Vancouver), it gave me the opportunity to get another neon sign picture for my personal one a day photo challenge for February. Despite the drift away from the old time large installations, there are still quite a few small neons (not counting the ubiquitous ‘Open’ ones) hanging in retail windows. This restaurant has been on the corner of Broadway and Cambie for quite a few years, but I never have partaken of the food. Not sure why not. Maybe because you have to run back and forth to have your meal cooked at a central grill which makes me think I have to do all the work and still pay out money – a concept I can’t grasp. I usually take shots of any murals I run across, so this was a double hit and rather unusual having the combination.  Nice to have the mural along with the neon and not to have to deal with storefront glass reflections.


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