All My Ducks In A Row

Ducks in a pond
Well behaved Anas platyrhynchos


There you have it.

All my ducks in a row.

A truly long, arduous task.

First of all, the ducks were skittish or very aloof,  gliding away on the pond with nary a look back in my direction.

Despite numerous attempts at verbal communication, they never learned my jibber jabber and my quacks were mostly unintelligible.

Then the eureka moment when I began to entice them with the finest snails and slugs available in the wildlife preserve.

Even with these choice bribes , a line would almost form when suddenly the Daffy genes took over and bedlam ensued  – a  cacophony of flapping and quacking.

Perseverance paid off with a perfect drake, hen, drake, hen alignment as they paddled off to the far side of the pond allowing me to complete the job and get this photo.


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