Seven Years !!

Geodetic Control Marker
Geodetic Control Marker

Not sure how many mountains in British Columbia have survey monuments because I only notice them if I trip over them or sit on them – usually the view takes precedence –  just after I catch my breath.  If you grab the number you can access the government database which relates the installation date, latitude, longitude and elevation, not a lot of information but it does confirm where you were and how high.  Strangely enough, it does not include the name of the mountain, in this case – Mount Flora –  which seems hard to understand if it is a named peak. Perhaps more government secrecy run amok 🙂  What’s really scary is the possibility of a seven year hiatus in prison should you steal this little brass plaque. Probably wired to set off an alarm in the Premier’s office and an air assault mission to place an offender under arrest.

Mountain Photo
Mount Flora: Elevation 1952 meters
Note: You have to agree to the MASCOT disclaimer and Terms of Use to view the long form but it's hardly worth going there.

2 thoughts on “Seven Years !!

    1. I think the older ones were cemented into place while the newer ones or repairs are likely done with epoxy grout. Unlikely all mountains are marked but the information is sparse on the websites. I suspect some may have gone missing due to erosion or have been taken as souvenirs despite the dire warning.


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