Beach Sculpture


Walking along the beach I remembered watching the sculptor, many years ago, slowly removing stone that was not part of the finished piece. Hard to see the fun of creation on a warm day when the artist is wearing coveralls and a face mask to avoid the ever present granite dust cloud from the grinding and chipping. Despite the prominent location alongside the West Beach promenade, only the small plate at the base reveals the name of the sculpture and its creator. I could find no mention in the tourist information and nothing online.

Artist Plaque
Artist Plaque

2 thoughts on “Beach Sculpture

    1. Thanks for sharing my photo of your work 🙂 I thought that the City of White Rock or the tourist department websites might have had a small bio, whether you were a local artist or maybe a link to an interview. Your website (answered my questions BTW) didn’t pop up on Google maybe because my search terms were a bit off. Of course I also forgot you sculpted this in 88, a bit before every bit of data was uploaded to the web. Your sculpture draws a fair amount of attention and it would be nice if people were able know more about you, where you are from and if you have more works out there somewhere. Next time I go for a run on the beach, I’ll try to remember to visit the tourist kiosk to see if they could update their info. And it is a beautiful piece of art and a welcome addition to the promenade.


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